Wholesome and Heartwarming Sweet Romance

Wholesome and Heartwarming Sweet Romance

Wholesome and Heartwarming Sweet RomanceWholesome and Heartwarming Sweet Romance

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Cover of sweet firefighter romance A Firefighter's Luck.

A Firefighter's Luck: A Sweet Applewood Romance

A feisty single mom on her own. A firefighter with a rocky past. Can they lower their guard long enough to let love in?

Luck has never smiled on Dante Ventura. He’s never had a home or much of a family. But when he learns he has a daughter he never knew existed, he’s determined to change his life. To become the kind of man she can look up to. Becoming a firefighter was the first step. Now he needs a decent place to live—someplace he’s not ashamed to bring his little girl.

Brianna Pulaski is struggling to raise her troubled son Tommy. Renting out a room in her home to the newly-minted firefighter would help her financially as well as provide her boy with the role model he desperately needs. What she doesn’t know is that soon after offering Dante a room, she’ll be offering her heart as well. Can her love turn Dante’s luck around for good?

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The Billionaire's Big Risk (The Billionaire Pact Book 3)


Sometimes love is the biggest risk of all…

Claudia Nichols and Aaron Sinclair never should have fallen in love. He was a maverick hounded by his reputation as a bad boy, but Claudia made him want to be a better man. Claudia was always the level-headed one until she threw caution to the wind and fell for Aaron. Everyone said it couldn't last, and they were right. When their whirlwind marriage ended, Aaron seemingly went back to his old ways while Claudia retreated into her career.

When their son is injured in a life-threatening accident, they put aside their differences to see him through. The old flame between them still smolders, but Claudia’s not sure if it's warmth she feels or heat from old burns. Aaron's never been afraid of risk—it’s how he made his fortune. But is a second chance at love just too big a risk to take?

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Hi! I'm Christie. I write sweet romance straight from the heart. I live in upstate New York with too many pets, too many dust bunnies lurking under the bed, and too many plot bunnies bouncing around in my head. I think everyone deserves a happy ending and in my books, everyone gets one.

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