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A Gentle Heart (Holidays in Applewood, Book 3)

An ambitious man chasing success. An innocent young woman looking for love. Will his need to get ahead at all costs mean breaking her gentle heart?

Business owner Alex has plans for his life. Big plans. Getting dumped by his fiancée won't sidetrack him. What better way to show her up than to begin dating a new woman? A beautiful woman he finds, of all places, behind the lingerie counter of a department store.

Tyffanie has dreams that extend far beyond her sales counter, but she's been burned by men only interested in her looks. When handsome, successful Alex enters her life, everything changes. He's the first to look beneath the surface, respect her, and care about her hopes and dreams.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Alex is falling in love with Tyffanie's kind soul and gentle heart. How far will he go to pursue success and all its trappings, and will it mean losing Tyffanie's love?

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Hi! I'm Christie. I write sweet romance straight from the heart. My first title, A Real Christmas, is the first book in the Holidays in Applewood series. Book Two is the short story Dear Acquaintance. My newest title, third in the series, is A Gentle Heart. It is available now!

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