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The Buttoned-Up Billionaire: The Billionaire Pact Book 2

He’s a billionaire whose wealth and power were determined from birth. She’s a free spirit whose life can fit in a rucksack. Are they destined to become adversaries, or can these opposites attract? 

Bradley Richter has taken his pre-ordained place in the family's business without complaint but being part of the Richter dynasty hasn’t made him happy. Something’s missing. There's more to life than possessions and power. And more to his identity than a briefcase and three-piece suit.

Iris di Leo has never stayed in one place long enough to set down roots or get too close to anyone. Life taught her to protect herself. But when a big corporation wants to develop the parcel of wilderness she loves, she must break her own rules to fight for what she believes in. 

When Iris and Bradley clash over the proposed development of her town’s untouched woodland, their instantaneous mutual attraction undermines everything they believe about each other—and themselves. Can they look beyond their differences to find love or are their worlds too far apart for them ever to bridge the gap?

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