Wholesome and Heartwarming Sweet Romance

Wholesome and Heartwarming Sweet Romance

Wholesome and Heartwarming Sweet RomanceWholesome and Heartwarming Sweet Romance

A Gentle Heart: A Sweet Valentine's Day Romance


Love in Applewood, Book 3


He's chasing success. She's looking for love. Will his need to get ahead at all costs mean breaking her gentle heart?

Business owner Alex has plans for his life. Big plans. Getting dumped by his fiancée won't sidetrack him. What better way to show her up than to begin dating a new woman? A beautiful woman he finds, of all places, behind the lingerie counter of a department store.

Tyffanie has dreams that extend far beyond her sales counter, but she's been burned by men only interested in her looks. When handsome, successful Alex enters her life, everything changes. He's the first to look beneath the surface, respect her, and care about her hopes and dreams.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Alex is falling in love with Tyffanie's kind soul and gentle heart. How far will he go to pursue success and all its trappings, and will it mean losing Tyffanie's love?

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A Gentle Heart


"Jeeves, huh?" He tried to pet the cat too but when it slunk away from him, Alex realized he had a rival for Tyffanie's affection. "He looks awfully solid for a street cat."

"I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feeds him." 

The cat meowed loudly, as though he objected to them talking about him as if he weren't there.

"Oh, I think he's hungry," Tyffanie said. "I've got some food upstairs for him. Would you mind just waiting a minute while I grab it?"

So she wasn't going to ask him up? A wave of disappointment hit Alex, followed by frustration. He wanted to be alone with Tyffanie, not stand here and babysit some dopey cat. Come on, guy, think of something!" Those stairs are awfully dark. You should let me go with you—"

"Oh, it's fine, don't worry. I'll be right back." She pushed open the door and disappeared inside.

Alex scowled at the cat, and he could have sworn the silly animal smirked back.